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    Hello, I think everyone in life has moments when you want to make a special gift and give diamonds to a person close and indifferent to you. At such moments, the least you need to do is realize that you are driving a fake. In order to avoid such situations, such purchases should be carefully planned and, if possible, the origin of diamonds and their authenticity should be checked in special laboratories, such as this one [][/url]
    Only after a thorough inspection will you be able to easily and calmly make the dream purchase and gift. Believe me. this is exactly the case when you should reinsure yourself.


    I had a situation when I bought a diamond ring and over time I had doubts about its authenticity. I returned the ring to the jewelry store. He was very disappointed. Tell me, can this be checked and prevented at all?

Ansicht von 2 Beiträgen - 1 bis 2 (von insgesamt 2)
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